Fairytale Remix: Hansel and Gretel

What happens when we are not looking?

We can never really know for sure.

We can only assume. Or imagine.

For this project, I chose to remix the classic fairytale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. More


Crowd Sourcing Assignment

I have always found travelling on the GO train to be an adventure. I take it to get to school every day, so it is very routine.

But what I find so interesting is the people that I encounter every morning during my commute to school. And it’s not just the types of people that I find interesting, it’s how these people choose to spend their time on the train.

To paint a picture in your mind, the morning commute is really something one has to see to believe. It is unbelievable how many people go to work in Downtown Toronto – crowds and crowds of people taking the GO trains in the morning to get to the city. You’ve got those who rush to catch the train at the last minute just before the door closes, or the brisk walkers who know that no matter what they will catch the train. More

Emotional Object


Source Box no3: Gananoque

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, my family and I decided to make a trip down to a small town near Kingston called Gananoque to go see the Thousand Islands.
We had never been to Thousand Islands before, so we thought it would be a great family outing. More

Crowd Sourcing Questions

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Good food, good music, friends, family, and just the little things in life -that are generally taken for granted- are what my idea of perfect happiness is.

How much time do you spend online?

4 hours a day. More

Source Box no2: Little Adventures, Big Surprises

I went shopping at Urban Outfitters after work one day, as they were having their 50%-off-sale-items sale.
I love a good sale, so I really couldn’t pass this up.
And thank goodness I didn’t! More

Cage Assignment

Here is a picture of the Panasonic HDC-TM300 that I took out from the Image Arts cage.

Instead of taking a video with this camera, I decided to take a picture with it.
The quality of the picture is not as good as one taken with a DSLR camera, but it still turned out well.
Here is the result.

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