Sixth Sense (Blog Entry 6)

Sixth Sense- Pattie Maes

Pattie Maes is a professor in MIT’s Program in Media Arts and Sciences. She founded and directs the Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group. She is an expert in areas such as human-computer interaction, intelligent interfaces and ubiquitous computing. She also is an editor of three books, and is a editorial board member and reviewer for numerous professional journals and conferences. More


Screen Kiss (Blog Entry 5)

Screen Kiss- Jillian McDonald

Jillian McDonald is a conceptual artist, who is from Canada but resides in Brooklyn, New York. She holds the titles of Associate Professor of Art at Pace University, where her responsibilities also include co-directing the university’s Digital Gallery.

Her work is meant to be humorous and features references to popular films. She uses video art, net art, performance art, installations, and photography in her work. More

Sniff (Blog Entry 4)

Sniff- Karolina Sobecka and Jim George

Karolina Sobecka is a Polish artist who works with animation, design, interactivity, physical computing, computer games and other media and formats. Her work often explores repercussions of scientific and technological advances, and the subjectivity of perception. Sobecka’s work has been shown at festivals and galleries around the world, including the V&A, the Beall Center for Art & Technology. More

Karaoke Ice (Blog Entry 3)

‘Karaoke Ice’ Nancy Nowacek, KaHe Salen, Marina Zurkow

Nancy Nowacek is an artist who makes task based encounters between the human body, things and the spaces the surround them. She has created works (sculpture and performance, for example) that reinstate the body’s relevance as a functioning object, tool, and ultimate site of imagination.

She worked on a project titled ‘Karaoke Ice’ with two other artists: Katie Salen and Marina Zurkow. More

Botanicals (Blog Entry 2)

‘Botanicals’- Kati London, Rob Faludi, Kate Hartman

‘Botanicals’ is essentially about communication between plants and people. It is an ongoing collaboration between the three artists: Kati London, Rob Faludi and Kate Hartman.

Kati London designs, develops and builds opportunities for interacting with others. Her collaborative projects have included: Urban Sonar, You Art Not Here, and Botanicals. She currently works as Senior Producer for Area/Code Games where she develops games that bridge the digital and the physical. More

Christiane Paul article (Blog Entry 1)

Christiane Paul- Challenges for Ubiquitous Museum: Presenting and Preseving New Media

Christiane Paul is a well known scholar in the field of digital art. She is the Director of Media Studies Graduate Programs and Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School, New York. She also adds being the Adjunct Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art to her already impressive resume. Living up to her scholarly status, Paul has written quite extensively on new media arts, and has also lectured internationally on art and technology. More