Fairytale Remix: Hansel and Gretel

What happens when we are not looking?

We can never really know for sure.

We can only assume. Or imagine.

For this project, I chose to remix the classic fairytale ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

At the end of this fairytale, we are told that the witch dies in the fire and Hansel and Gretel walk back to their father.

I remixed the story in the way that the witch has just been thrown into the fire and the children have just walked out, going back to their father. At this point the stories are the exact same.

But my remix is what happens when we’re not looking.

Hansel and Gretel assume that the witch is dead, but she actually isn’t. On the ‘other side’ of the fire place is actually her ‘welcome back home’ party; the fireplace was actually a portal of sorts for the witch to get back home. The reason for her not being able to go in herself is because an outside had to push her into the fire for the portal to actually work. We see her friends welcoming her return, while Hansel and Gretel are leaving the house (on the other side of the model) to go back to their father.

I created a model to depict my remix.
These are some of the pictures I took of the model.

PS. I attempted working with lighting for the first time while taking these photographs. Did the best I could 🙂

*click on the first picture and it will take you to a gallery style viewing*


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