Source Box no3: Gananoque

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, my family and I decided to make a trip down to a small town near Kingston called Gananoque to go see the Thousand Islands.
We had never been to Thousand Islands before, so we thought it would be a great family outing.
The weather was a little chilly, but we still managed to have a good time.
We were staying in a hotel right down the road from where the boat cruises around the Thousand Islands depart.
We just about made the last cruise for the day, but we were really excited that we were going to get to see the islands and take in the view.

I was really fascinated by some of the cottages/houses that we saw on some of the islands- we even saw a castle! But I was really more taken aback by the natural beauty of Thousand Islands.
The leaves turning colours. The sun shining on the rough waters.

I think what it was, was that I realized that we humans take the little things in life, like nature, for granted way too much. Our lives are so taken over by technology that we forget that we can go go outside and have the same amount of fun. We need to learn that there is so much more that just sitting at home in front of our computers; the world is so much more than that!
I was so content in that moment, being surrounded by my family and nature.
It really was such a perfect day.

Here are a few pictures I took while on the boat cruise that day. Looking back, it really reinstated the realization I had that we need to appreciate what we have given to us already, before it’s too late.


View from the boat- the sun’s rays through the clouds.

Not nature related at all, but still a cool picture 🙂
(view from boat)




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