Sniff (Blog Entry 4)

Sniff- Karolina Sobecka and Jim George

Karolina Sobecka is a Polish artist who works with animation, design, interactivity, physical computing, computer games and other media and formats. Her work often explores repercussions of scientific and technological advances, and the subjectivity of perception. Sobecka’s work has been shown at festivals and galleries around the world, including the V&A, the Beall Center for Art & Technology. More


Cage Assignment

Here is a picture of the Panasonic HDC-TM300 that I took out from the Image Arts cage.

Instead of taking a video with this camera, I decided to take a picture with it.
The quality of the picture is not as good as one taken with a DSLR camera, but it still turned out well.
Here is the result.

The Moment

This photgraph was taken on the day that we brought our dog Bruno home for the first time. My family and I had gone through hours and hours of research, talking to people and watching other families who had dogs before deciding that we wanted to make an addition to our family.

We didn’t even know what kind of dog we wanted, let alone More

Karaoke Ice (Blog Entry 3)

‘Karaoke Ice’ Nancy Nowacek, KaHe Salen, Marina Zurkow

Nancy Nowacek is an artist who makes task based encounters between the human body, things and the spaces the surround them. She has created works (sculpture and performance, for example) that reinstate the body’s relevance as a functioning object, tool, and ultimate site of imagination.

She worked on a project titled ‘Karaoke Ice’ with two other artists: Katie Salen and Marina Zurkow. More

Source Box no1: Ed Sheeran Concert

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do for my first Source Box entry. Hence, for the first two weeks of class I had nothing done.
I was wasn’t really getting inspired by much up until the time I went to the Ed Sheeran show. I think that’s partly because I was searching for inspiration, not waiting for it to come to me. More

Kuleshov Effect Assignment

The goal of this project was to find an image, video or other found content and change it’s meaning by adding imagery, text or sound.

I chose to go with some Abercrombie & Fitch advertisements.

Their advertisements always seem to be selling something else, not clothes.

I decided to remove the ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’ writing on each of these advertisements and replace it with the ‘Bowflex’ logo.

This was the result.



Moments Assignment (In Class Questions)

How old are you?

I am 19 years old. 

Where are you from? More

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