Exercise 5: HTML 101

This post includes our answers to the series of questions that were posted under the blog entry for Exercise 5.

Rubani Kalra

What is a website?
A Website is a collection of related web pages containing images and other digital assets. It is hosted on at least one web server which is accessible via networks such as the internet.

What is a webpage?
A web-page is the representation of a document which resides at a remote site.



Exercise 4: Web 2.0 Digital Footprint

Part 1 Questions:

  1. What does your partner current digital footprint says about him/her, does it say anything about their new media creative abilities or interests?
  2. Do you think an  employer or teacher should be able to see that?
  3. Where is the information coming from?  A blog, a website, Facebook, etc.


Exercise 3: Using MLA Styles

HERE IS THE LINK to my groups’ wiki page, where we give information on how to site books, wesbites etc., in the MLA format.

Exercise 2: New Media History

Here is the link to our groups’ wiki page.
On this page, we talk about some new media artists and discuss why they are considered to be new media artists.

Exercise 1: What is New Media?

New Media is a term used to describe on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere. It is usually a digital from that uses and combines forms of media (i.e photography, film, websites etc) to create art.

Examples: robotics, interactive, social networking, holograms, artificial intelligence

What is the future? New media will constantly keep changing, it has an extensive future with the progression of technology.

By: Natalie, Rubani, Tim

1 Minute Video Project



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