Exercise 8: SEO

By: Kim Sipkins, Natalie DeCoste, Rubani Kalra, Vanessa Faienza

How can you optimize html tags for SEO?

Optimizing HTML tags lie title tags, header tags and ALT text can be modified so your website is the first to appear when searched in a search engine. Title tags use keywords and every webpage should have a title tag.

Good title tag:
<title>SEO (search engine optimization)</title>

Not as effective title tag:

Header Tags

Some search engines place a lot of relevance on keywords in header tags (H1, H2 and H3). So it is important to have keyword rich header tags on your Web pages.

Sample header tags:

<H1>Search Engine Optimization</H1>

<H2>Search Engine Positioning</H2>

ALT Text

To describe the contents of an image, you must ALWAYS include ALT text. Use keyword rich descriptions in the ALT text. In addition, you will also need to provide text descriptors to visitors who have slow download connections or have their images turned off. Make sure that in order for the text to be visible, the images height and width dimensions must be set.

ALT test also enables visually disabled visitors using screen readers to interpretthe image on the screen. Also, adding of a period “.”at the end of the ALT text should be considered. This is so that someone hearing the page can tell where one image stops and another one starts.

This is an example of an ALT text with an image tag:

<IMG SRC=”seo.gif” WIDTH=”100″ HEIGHT=”100″ ALT=”search engine optimization.”>


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